Lookout Transit App


Lookout Transit App


The Project

After researching the transit market in Chicago and mobile transit technology, I conceptualized and designed a new transit app (with a focus on the idea of safety), that culminated in two promotional videos for the app. The challenge was to figure out the need for a new kind of transit app in the market, and conceptualize one that fills a new space in this category.

My Role

Research (transit apps, competitors, the market), conceptualization, wireframing, UI/UX design, motion graphics animation.



Initial Research

I looked into existing systems, apps and types of transportation. I researched anywhere from the important features or transit apps like transit-tracking, to subbranches of transit innovation like upcoming NFC technologies, and then one thing became apparent…



The Why

The concepts of safety and travel are so tied together, yet there is no transit app that informs students to travel more safely. We have all this data from the CPD, CPOT and college campus security, however  it is neither streamlined nor efficient.

The Target

College students, particularly college  students from abroad.


I will design a transit app that is based upon two ideas: safety and transit, to help users make well-informed decisions to travel both safely and efficiently.



Safety is contextual.

This idea drove the design and conceptualization of how the app would function.



Live in-map alerts from your chosen college, the CPD and the CDOT

Lookout Research 1 Copy 6.png

Night mode shows street lighting conditions

Lookout Research 1 Copy 2.png

Interface changes color depending on warnings nearby

Lookout Research 1 Copy 3.png

Easy transit planning

Functional features including transit-tracking



Promo Video (Part 1): An Introduction to Lookout


Promo Video (Part 2): A Look Into Different Scenarios