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Over the summer of 2018, I interned at Queue Brand Communications, a creative agency that leads clients through digital adaptation, content marketing and marketing automation.

Little Joe Ventures (LJV) Business Card designs

I created multiple camps to organize my proposals for business card designs for Little Joe Ventures, one of Queue’s Clients. Queue already had a new web redesign underway for the company, so the identity of these designs were inspired and based on the revamped website’s visuals, textures and typography. Working with the design team, I was able to narrow down my four camps into a few designs for them to present at their next meeting with LJV representatives (click on images below to scroll carousel).


Queue Summer Outing: Design and organization

Four interns including myself were responsible for planning and organizing the summer event for the office. We managed to book a a space at an arcade bar and restaurant for the gathering. We needed a logo for the event and merchandise (t-shirts) to encourage office spirit.

Working under a full-time designer and the CEO at Queue, we expanded and then narrowed down the options for designs for the outing logo. A file was sent and organized with a screenprinting company to get all shirts and sizes ready for the event.


Final design and shirt placement