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PDP for Hawaii Experience (Web Design)


Product Detail Page (PDP) for a Kayaking Trip in Hawaii

The challenge was to create a PDP for an experience, and I wanted it to be interactive, but not to the point of distraction. The website is based on the concept of the horizontal flow of water through the act of kayaking and the idea of striations. It features a wave motif that is used as section breaks, active link indicators and for added animation. I wanted this horizontal linearity to drive its interactive visuals, and the deep scroll to mimic the journey through a water column. The site was created to be responsive in laptop, tablet and mobile view.

Typefaces: Playfair Display (Headers) and Lato, I wanted this play between serif and sans-serif to evoke a combination of sophistication and fun lightheartedness.

Created in Webflow. Click here to visit the live page.


A look at tablet view:


A look at mobile view:

Primarily one column, with most text animations taken out to simplify information delivery, but the more illustrative interactions were kept (fish and kayak key frames).