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宴寓 Restaurant

A set of logos playing on the shape and form of the same Chinese character that represents the company name, for restaurant versatility and a cohesive identity across different uses (restaurant, café and bar).


Bacmuno Biotechnology

A logo created for Bacmuno, a biotechnology startup company based in Hong Kong. One of their primary missions is to reengineer bacteria in order to tackle viruses. This logo plays on the concept of the pill and structure of a typical prokaryotic cell, to join the themes of health and innovative engineering.

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Some of the final variations:


Root Causes: Fresh Produce Program

The Fresh Produce Program is a pilot clinical model by Root Causes, a food advocacy company in North Carolina that works with food to table initiatives. The program aims to take excess or donated fresh produce from local farms and deliver them to patients who are food insecure.

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