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Logo Designs


Bacmuno Biotechnology Company (Freelance)

Bacmuno with BG-06.png

Bacmuno is a biotechnology startup based in Hong Kong. One of their primary missions is to reengineer bacteria in order to tackle viruses, to discover and develop cancer immmunotherapies. This logo plays on the concept of the pill and structure of a typical prokaryotic cell, to join the themes of health and innovative engineering.

Bacmuno Process-03.png

A selection of my process towards the final design through multiple concepts. I initially proposed three different directions to the client.


Final revisions and edits for the client from chosen concept. The final design went through multiple refinements to reflect the concept in a minimal way.



宴寓 Restaurant Logo (Freelance)


The client was opening an upcoming Chinese restaurant (called 宴寓) that was still under conceptualization. It was an interesting ask because it could become a variety of restaurant types, whether it be a café, bar or eatery.


Some explorations of the Chinese character. I wanted to keep the design elegant and minimal while playing on the characteristics of the word.