Poster Blackout-01.png

Blackout Poster (Data Visualization)



This blackout poster illustrates the blackout of 2003 through data visualization. The task was to condense a 300 page final report supplemented by articles about the Blackout event, and convey that information through a 20” x 32” poster in a visually coherent way.

With a narrative structure, the poster describes both how power works (Lights On) and the story of how the blackout unfolded in 2003 (Lights Off). Designed and created in collaboration with Avvalpreet Kaur.


Beginning drafts

We had a writeup to collect and organize the information we wanted to present within the poster, and reworded the events to suit the structure and tone. Through our initial data collection and organization, we quickly realized that there was too much layering and clutter going on within the visualization. A viewer’s eye did not have a clear path for a story that is so complex and data-heavy.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 9.37.49 PM.png

Further drafts

Through further revisions and critiques, we decided on a layout that would allow our poster to be divided into two parts for the viewer to read. It had more clarity in its reader pathway, and less overlapping of information to declutter the information.


Final layout revision and draft

blackout sketch-02.png